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Plans for post-lockdown; early thoughts...

FUTURE WEBSITE PLANS - The next phase to add will be a 'Resource' section where you can access videos on Alignment, Breathing and Centreing so you can refer back to these if you want to check how to set yourself up and maintain good alignment. There'll also be a 'How To' section so you can click on a specific exercise and see how to perform it safely and correctly. It will also include modifications and progressions. In time there'll also be an 'Intermediate' section with higher level exercises if you want to challenge yourself further, plus stand alone 12 week Beginner and Post Natal online courses.

FUTURE CLASS PLANS - It is unclear when we'll be able to return safely to in person classes so in the meantime I'll also be offering Zoom classes (these can be group or one to one) and outdoor sessions when possible. The current plan is for a group Zoom class on a Saturday morning 9-10am for those who would like to, Zoom one to ones are also available so do get in touch if you would like one. I am also looking into outdoor options too so let me know if this would suit you.

Have a fantastic week and I look forward to seeing you all soon!

Michelle x

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