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Pilates is the complete co-ordination of body, mind and spirit.

Joseph Pilates

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Becoming a mum is one of the most magical (and challenging!) times of your life and we truly believe that Pilates is a great asset to preparing you for delivery and for helping you to recover afterwards.

Michelle has practised Pilates before, during and after two pregnancies and is passionate about using Pilates to help new mums and mums to be  experience all the benefits that Pilates can bring.

What can Pilates do for me in Pregnancy?​

  • Pilates is brilliant at improving posture as your body changes through Pregnancy

  • It strengthens your lower body to help with the growing weight of your baby

  • It strengthens the pelvic floor and abdominals​ to support your growing bump

  • It releases tension in the upper body so you feel more mobile and aches and pains are reduced​
  • We teach breathing techniques and visualisations for labour​

  • The mind body element of Pilates calms the mind and relaxes the body so you leave class feeling great!

  • As you near the end of your Pregnancy we give you tips and tools for your post natal journey

How can Pilates help me after I have my baby?​​

  • Pilates is brilliant at strengthening the pelvic floor and abdominals after delivery​. Whether you've had a C-section or vaginal birth strengthening the pelvic floor and abdominals will help to support your body with all the demands of newborn life, reduce back pain and help reduce any symptons of incontience or prolapse

  • Helps to heal any abdominal separation

  • You'll be leaning forward a lot lifting, carrying and feeding your baby so we teach you techniques to release upper body tension and movements to strengthen your upper body to keep you feeling great and free from aches and pains

  • Pilates strengthens your whole body from the inside out, we look at glute and lower body strength as you'll be on your feet a lot 

  • Pilates is a mind body movement practice, you'll be getting to know body again after having your baby. We encourage you to listen your body, notice where the movement is coming from, and how it feels so you can improve your body awareness and move with confidence

  • It improves posture, mobility and flexibility so you'll leave class feeling refreshed, relaxed and great from the inside out

What does a class look like?

  • We love providing a fun, friendly and welcoming space for our mamas so our class sizes are limited to keep that lovely chilled feel. Pregnancy classes are limited to 8, whilst our Mums & Babies classes are set at 6.​

  • Classes are specifically designed for you and your changing needs during your journey so our Pregnancy and Post Natal classes look very different to our mainstream classes.

  • Pregnancy classes include lots of all fours and side lying work so we can give you a great class in a safe and effective way. As you progress through your pregnancy we utilise lots of lovely props to keep you comfortable, including the gym ball which feels like absolute heaven! We also include some lovely stretches and a relaxation to round off the session and have you leaving class floating on Cloud 9!

  • Mums & Babies classes are very relaxed and we encourage you to go at your own pace! There's a playmat full of baby toys and we're always up for baby cuddles! So do what you can and never worry about your baby crying, we've all been there! If you need to feed/change/cuddle your baby please do whatever you need to do. This class is here to work for you. 

  • After class chat with other like minded mums over a cuppa (because when was the last time someone else made you a cup of tea?!)





Prefer a private session before joining a group class or would like a session for a group of friends?

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