I graduated from Cardiff University in 2003 with a degree in Ancient History and Archaeology before deciding to train as a Primary School Teacher in my hometown of Swansea (the green green grass of home!)

I loved my training but found it all consuming and hard to switch off.  

My mum suggested coming along with her to a new Pilates class that had just started and pretty quickly I was hooked!  I found it was the one thing that helped me completely switch off and not continually be going through lesson plans in my head! The combination of performing the slow controlled movements concentrating on alignment, breathing and centring brought me the peace, clarity of mind and relaxation that I so needed.  I loved feeling relaxed yet invigorated at the end of the session and noticed that I felt stronger, more supple and confident in my own body.

I enjoyed it so much that I asked my fab teacher (Melanie Walters - Pilates Institute trained) how I could become a Pilates teacher and ended up gaining my first qualification with her in 2006.

I then taught Pilates classes alongside full time teaching, gaining more qualifications along the way including a CYQ Level 3 with Pilates Training Solutions.


After marrying an Army Officer I was fortunate enough to travel the world with him teaching Pilates across the UK, Germany and Cyprus. With the arrival of our two children we have now settled and made our home in the beautiful Rutland area.  As a mother I have found Pilates invaluable in helping me through two pregnancies and labour; allowing my body to recover, and most importantly, keeping me sane!


What I like about Pilates so much is that it is suitable for everyone, you don't have to be superfit as the exercises are gentle yet challenging, suiting all ages and fitness levels. I have found it invaluable . When practised regularly you definitely start to feel the benefits - stronger body, improved posture, flatter stomach and a more relaxed state of mind.


I am an advanced instructor holding CYQ Level 3 qualifications in Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced

Matwork Pilates.


I have also taken further qualifications in:

Pregnancy Pilates, Post Natal Pilates, Small Equipment, Back Care , One to One Pilates, Standing Pilates, Scoliosis, Osteoporosis, Shoulder Rehab, Barre and Pilates For Runners


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