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seated balance

Inspired Pilates for busy women who want to become the strongest, happiest and healthiest version of themselves.

In 2003, I graduated from Cardiff University with a degree in Ancient History and Archaeology. Following my passion for teaching, I trained as a Primary School Teacher in my hometown of Swansea, where the lush green surroundings inspired me.

While teaching was fulfilling, it consumed my thoughts and made it challenging to switch off. At my mother's suggestion, I attended a new Pilates class, and it quickly became my sanctuary. The slow, controlled movements focused on alignment, breathing, and centring allowed me to find peace, mental clarity, and relaxation - 

free from the constant stream of lesson plans.

The transformative power of Pilates, leaving me both relaxed and invigorated, compelled me to pursue my first qualification as a Pilates teacher in 2006. Balancing teaching and Pilates, I eventually transitioned fully to Pilates after the birth of my children.

Pilates has been my constant companion throughout various stages of life, including two pregnancies. It has rebuilt my body, alleviated back pain, and instilled a newfound strength. Pilates is more than an exercise; it's an integral part of my life.

I invite you to embrace Pilates as a transformative practice in your own life. Let me guide you on a journey of physical restoration, mental rejuvenation, and personal growth.

standing spine twist

"Michelle is so knowledgeable, professional and makes you feel welcome and at ease from the minute you meet her."


"Michelle takes the time to chat with everyone individually about their specific problems and offers alternatives to exercises where appropriate."


"Michelle is wonderfully flexible - always patiently and cleverly adapting to the different needs of the class "

- Alix

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