I'm extremely excited to tell you that In Balance Pilates has a new home.....

at Studio E in Oakham!

(Princess Ave, LE15 6PQ)












Current Timetable


10-11am Beginners/Improvers

*11.30-12.30am Mums & Babies

(1.30-2.30pm Wymondham Village Hall

- private class)



*10.30-11.30am Gentle Pilates



10-11am Improvers/Intermediate

*5.45-6.45pm Pregnancy

*7.15-8.15pm Beginners/Improvers



If you would prefer to do a class online, have a one to one session or would like to chat through which class would suit you, do get in touch.

Classes are bookable as a course, next course starts Tuesday 3rd November.

Classes limited to 8 spaces (£70), classes marked with * are limited to 6 (£84).



What we are doing to keep you safe:


Studio E have implemented a COVID-19 risk assessment that has been approved by the council (I'll also be doing my own risk assessment),and have social distancing guidelines in place. 



Classes marked with an * will be in the smaller studio accessed via the main door off the carpark (the only exception is Mums & Babies which is in the larger studio, this is accessed via the door up the ramp). 2m boxes will be clearly demarcated so you have your own space, windows and doors will be opened before and after class for ventilation - these can be left open during class if need be so wear lots of layers just in case!

 There is also a dedicated toilet for sole use of users of this studio.


The studio, touchpoints and the toilet will be thoroughly cleaned after each class.


The same guidelines apply to the larger studio which will be accessed via the door up the ramp, and again has its own dedicated toilet. Cleaning is as above.


It’s important to us that you feel comfortable, safe and happy!


What we need from you:


Everyone will need to complete an updated medical questionnaire, an agreement to follow social distancing guidelines and be part of the track and trace system.


To make things easier I won't be handing out equipment at the moment, but you will need certain items to get the most out of your Pilates journey.


You'll need:




Mat (something lovely and supportive to cushion your spine and joints)


Cushion or rolled up towel (for under the head, back or stomach as appropriate)


Resistance Band


Spiky ball/tennis ball

 (for footwork and muscle release)


Small Ball

 (we use a green inflatable one in class)


I can provide a list of resources for you if you'd like to purchase these items or I can source them for you if you prefer.


*Large gym balls are needed for the Pregnancy classes - I can provide these if needed but you may prefer to bring your own.



Don’t want to buy equipment? Try these handy home alternatives!



Resistance Band – tie/dressing gown cord/pair of tights


Small inflatable ball – an extra cushion


So which class is right for you?

Gentle Pilates - this is a more gentle class focussed on breathwork, slowing the movements down and really relearning how to move in your body. We work on the mind body connection using the breath and really work on feeling where the movement is coming from in the body so we can address imbalances and work on effectively moving the body as a whole.

This class is for you if you're recovering from injury or illness or would like a more gentle class. Some people may stay in this class for a few months or years, or stay permanently - its completely individual.

Beginners/Improvers - this class is for you if you're new to Pilates or have been practising Pilates for a year or two. There's lots of talking (from me!) about what we're doing, why we're doing it and where I want you to feel the movements coming from in your body as you're working. We'll work on the Pilates Principles (Alignment, Breathing, Centring, Concentration, Coordination, Relaxation, Precision and Flow) and how to apply these to your movements to get the most out of your class. Some people may stay in this class for 6 months-1 or 2 years whereas others may stay in this class permanently as it suits them and their needs.

Improvers/Intermediate - this class is for you if you have at least 1 or 2 years Pilates experience, have a good grasp of the Pilates movements and principles and are looking for a more challenging and flowing workout. There will be less explanation and more emphasis on movement. A great progressive class.

Pregnancy - this class is suitable for Mums to be from 16 weeks to full term. We work on movements to strengthen the abdominals, pelvic floor, glutes and lower body to help with labour and to keep you strong throughout your pregnancy. As well as releasing tension in the upper body to improve posture and keep you feeling good we focus on breathwork to relax the body and calm the mind - giving you extra tools to assist you in labour.

Mums and Babies - this class is suitable for new mamas and their little ones after your 6 week check (this may be up to 12 weeks after a C section). We will assess for any abdominal separation after Pregnancy and work on abdominal and pelvic floor strength to help you recover after Pregnancy and labour and keep you strong and mobile for lifting and carrying your baby. We work on releasing tension in the upper body after lifting, carrying and feeding your baby and teach you techniques to help you lift and move around safely. A lovely class where you can meet other mamas and socialise with your little ones.

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