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Private Sessions

Welcome to Private Pilates Sessions, where it's all about you and your unique journey. Are you seeking a more intimate and personalised experience?


Look no further.

With private classes, you have the opportunity to focus solely on your own Pilates practice. Whether you have a specific preference for one-on-one instruction or you're looking for a personalised program to accelerate your progress, private sessions are the answer.

Perhaps you're in need of specialised guidance during pregnancy or postnatal recovery. Maybe you're recovering from an injury and require tailored exercises to support your rehabilitation. Private sessions can also seamlessly complement your existing exercise routine, providing targeted workouts to address your individual goals.

During your initial assessment, we will analyse your posture, movement patterns, and have a conversation about your aspirations. This information forms the foundation of your personalised program, designed specifically to meet your needs and propel you towards your goals.

With regular check-ins and ongoing communication, we ensure that your sessions are continually optimised to suit your evolving needs. In addition, you'll receive homework assignments between sessions, allowing you to reinforce the skills and techniques we explore together.

Private sessions are an opportunity to fine-tune your Pilates practice, ensuring that every movement targets the areas that matter most to you. With a focus on individualised attention and customised programming, you'll experience a Pilates journey that is tailored to your unique body and aspirations.


Ready to take your Pilates skills to the next level?

Book your private session today and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and growth.


Together, we'll unleash the full potential of your

Pilates practice.

What my Private Clients say...

"Michelle Hawes is the most lovely and dedicated Pilates teacher you can imagine!

I cannot recommend her highly enough and I have been hugely helped by her myself. She has the wonderful ability to combine warmth, kindness and patience with real professional skill and expertise.

I was suffering from very crippling sciatica, unable to stand up straight or to walk any distance.

Michelle was incredibly gentle and understanding, never pushing me beyond what was manageable, and yet she devised a series of stretches and exercises that were tailor made to help ease the sciatic pain.

Wonderfully after a few months of the Pilates exercises the pain has now gone.

The surgeons who thought the only solution was spinal surgery, have now changed their minds!

I am so very grateful to Michelle.

My one to one classes with Michelle were all online via Zoom which seemed to work very well.

What was particularly helpful was that Michelle made a little video for me each week of her new exercises from that session.

It was a brilliant way to remind myself what I should be practising each week.

Michelle is both a lovely person and a highly proficient Pilates teacher; I'm so happy I was introduced to her."


  • A private Pilates session tailored to you and your goals.

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    1 hr

    70 British pounds
  • Best Value - 5 Private Pilates sessions tailored to you and your goals...

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    1 hr

    325 British pounds
  • A private Pilates session for 2 people - perfect for friends/spouses!

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    1 hr

    90 British pounds
  • Best Value - 5 Private Pilates sessions for 2 people - perfect for fri...

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    1 hr

    425 British pounds
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"Patience and persistence are vital qualities in the ultimate successful accomplishment of any worthwhile endeavour."

Joseph Pilates

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