'Your videos are spot on and your commentary very natural, it felt like you were with me' 

'My favourite is the mixed abilities / improvers classes but the gentle pilates is lovely when I feel a bit tired or achey'

'I prefer this to a Zoom class. This way I can do it when it suits me and it's very calming'

'I love the website, there is so much content on there its perfect!'

What is In Balance Pilates Online?

  • Launched in response to COVID-19 the aim of these videos was to provide classes for regular clients.

  • It has evolved slightly to provide a service for new clients interested in developing their Pilates practice at home.


Why sign up?


We offer an inclusive wrap around package that includes:

  • For £20 a month you get access to a huge range of classes at a time that suits you.

  • Your instructor is Michelle - so you get used to the pace and style of classes. There really is something to suit everyone at whatever stage of life you're currently at. 

  • You shape your work outs.  We deliver what you ask for uploading new material each fortnight based on your feedback. Our classes are personal and tailored to you.

  • Advice is available when you need it, for no extra charge. We're only an email away and happy to help. 

What's does the service look like?

  • As outlined in the video below the service is made up of separate 'Channels', each Channel focuses on a different type of class.  Currently there are Channels for:  Warms Ups and Short Sessions; Beginners; Improvers; Intermediate; Ante-Natal and Post-Natal (Mum's and babies).

  • The channels are interactive and there is a description of each video so you can search for what type of class you want that day. 

  • Sessions range from 5-60 min, you pick what you want to do when you want to do it.

  •  Videos are added every fortnight - want to see something in particular? Just ask! 

What is In Balance Pilates Online?

What is In Balance Pilates Online?

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