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The Core Cure

A 10 week transformational coaching programme that will repair, restore and revive your core and create a new level of body confidence and fitness.

Does this sound like you?

Are you fed up of piecing together workouts from You Tube?

Or those £37 workout programmes that are unrealistic and don't get you the results you want??

Do you need a little support and a gentle nudge to keep you on track when life gets busy?

Not to mention a big dose of accountability?



Then I'd love for you to join me in
The Core Cure
A 10 week transformational coaching programme to
Repair, restore and revive your core -  
that fits in with you and your busy lifestyle.


What's in it for you?

  • A fitness routine that's tailored to you, fits in with you, your lifestyle and your current stage of life and actually gets you to where you want to be.

  • You feel safe in the knowledge that you're heading towards your goal and feel supported, empowered and inspired along the way.

  • You feel calm and in control knowing that you can get done what you need to AND make time for yourself.

  • Your family and colleagues notice that you're calmer, happier and more relaxed and keep asking what your secret is.

  • By putting yourself first and doing something for you you feel stronger, empowered and that the world is your oyster!

How does it work?

It’s time to put yourself first and become that capable, content and unstoppable person that you want to be.


Over the next 10 weeks I’ll be guiding you through:


10 easy to follow 30 minute live classes every Monday at 9.30am (and yes there's a replay available) that will help you start your week feeling amazing!

You'll get 2 x 1 to 1 consults to get to know you, your needs, your thoughts, your goals


This will be used to design your perfect personal programme to help you achieve your dreams

PLUS support, inspiration and motivation along the way

Once you feel good, you do good and you’ll realize that there is no limit to what you can achieve with the right expert guidance. 


You’ll be ready to take on the world, excited for what life brings and ready for new challenges.


Are you ready to join The Core Cure?

"Feeling PUKKA today.


Think you must have delivered some sort of super charged lesson yesterday!


Back on my mat trying to recreate some of it!"

- Beulah

"You make it so lovely and friendly!


We are just your followers!"

- Boo

"If it wasn't for you and Pilates I'd be in a right mess.

I always say to anyone who asks how my back is that Pilates is my medicine.

Best thing I ever did."

- Pam

Hi I'm Michelle!

After having my second baby I didn't recover as quickly as I'd hoped and was left with back pain, abdominal separation and a general sense of meh!

Running around after a toddler, having a newborn AND my husband being away with the military meant that time was short and me time was non existent.

By slowly carving out a few moments for myself here and there I strengthened my core, healed my abdominal separation and now feel stronger and more confident than ever before.

I'd love for you to experience the same and see how small movements executed with great technique can make a MASSIVE difference in a short amount of time.

With over 20 years of experience in practising and teaching Pilates, I am dedicated to inspiring women to embrace movement as a lifestyle, and to see how strengthening your body will boost your confidence AND empower you to show up for your loved ones EVEN better.


Join The Core Cure by clicking the button above and let's get started on your journey to the new you.

Feel inspired, feel balanced, feel powerful.

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