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Inspired Pilates for busy women who want to become the strongest, happiest and healthiest version of themselves.


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 Enjoy instant access to tailored workouts that accommodate your needs and fitness level.

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Receive friendly expert guidance that motivates and keeps you accountable on your wellness journey. 

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Experience bespoke
in-person and online teaching crafted from 20 years of expertise. 

Are you ready to feel strong, healthy, and prioritise your wellbeing?

If you're struggling with challenges like making time for yourself, feeling overwhelmed with a busy schedule, persistent joint or back pain, restless nights due to a never-ending to-do list, or experiencing stiffness and discomfort in your shoulders, back, or hips, I'm
ere to help.

Discover effective solutions and expert guidance to overcome these obstacles and achieve a balanced, pain-free lifestyle.

Hi, I'm Michelle,

With over 20 years of experience in practising and teaching Pilates, I am dedicated to inspiring women to embrace movement as a lifestyle.


Strengthen your body and boost your confidence to show up for your loved ones.


Join my empowering, inspiring, and fun classes that will leave you floating on air.

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Start your journey now with instant access in the in balance online studio.

Discover the passion behind our empowering Pilates sessions designed to inspire, restore calm, and prioritise your health and wellbeing.
Experience the transformative benefits of mindful movement as you build strength, mobility, and flexibility in my classes.
Leave feeling taller, calmer, and more relaxed, knowing that regular practice and commitment to Pilates can change your mind and body forever.

Explore my services to find the best option for you, or reach out for a personalised consultation.

Experience the transformative results that await you at

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Effortlessly chasing after your children/grandchildren without pain or limitations.

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Maximising your regular workouts by seamlessly applying the techniques and tips learned in class.

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Stronger core muscles, alleviated back pain, and increased mobility and flexibility that leave you feeling revitalised and agile.

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Heightened strength and confidence, with improved posture and a rejuvenated, stretched body.

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Cultivating a sense of calm, confidence, and empowerment to show up as your best self for both yourself and your family.

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Joining a supportive community, where you can connect with like-minded individuals, receive guidance, and be motivated on your wellness journey.

"The person comes first, the technique second."

Joseph Pilates

What Clients Say

"I always look forward to Michelle's classes.

Michelle takes the time to get to know everyone in her class; she has an admirable ability to focus on an individual's strengths and areas for development, while at the same time leading varied & interesting classes.

The sessions have just the right amount of support & challenge.

I think Michelle has x-ray eyes! She can detect the tiniest misalignment of the body for which she then suggests a gentle, corrective tweak.

Michelle's engaging personality & attention to individuals ensures that everyone feels welcome & included in class.

Highly recommended!"


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