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5 great exercises to set you up for skiing this winter - part 1

Skiing is a fantastic winter sport.

There's nothing quite like stepping into your skis, setting off down the slopes and feeling that lovely mix of sunshine and cold air on your face as you speed through the snow.

You marvel at the scenery as you swish by and look forward longingly to that vin chaud calling your name at the bottom of the run.

What is less delightful is the burn in your thighs or the imprint of ski boots after a day on the slopes!

But with a little bit of prep you can leave aches and pains at the door and leap out of bed eager to get back on the slopes rather than dragging yourself out from under the covers.

Skiing is so much fun but we need a strong lower body to cope with the endurance of turning and literally being on your feet all day. Ankle and foot mobility is going to help with your turns and ensure you're not hobbling once you've escaped your ski boots. And yes, core strength (not just your abdominals!) but also hip and glute strength is going to help you fly down the slopes in ease.

Add these 5 exercises into your pre ski routine and I promise you'll feel so much better for it.

Happy skiing!

Repeat 1 set of 10 reps, once you feel that you're performing the exercises with great control you could add an extra set (or two!)

Squat - keep that length in the spine and weight in the heels. We want to use the bum muscles to come up!

Extra challenge - hold at the bottom to build up that endurance for your turns!

Lunge - step back with your right, toes tucked underneath and both feet facing forwards. Aim your back knee towards the floor (it doesn't have to get there!) Think about tucking the bum under and going straight up and down. We want to feel the hip on the back leg opening and the bum muscle on the front leg working!

Extra challenge - add a pulse at the bottom!

Shoulder Bridge - roll up through the spine until you're in a ski slope position (see what I did there...) then bring your bottom straight down to the floor and straight up.

Extra challenge - pop a cushion or ball in between your knees and squeeze at the top. Think 90s step class, single single double! One on the right, one on the left, both togther!

Clam - lying on your side, knees bent to 45 degrees, feet in line with your bottom, hips are stacked. Open your top knee towards the ceiling, keeping the feet togther and hips stacked, then slowly close.

Extra challenge - add a leg extension at the top! This is your strictly moment! Open the top knee, kick the leg forward on a diagonal, bend the knee feet togther and slowly close.

Hamstring Stretch (add a point and flex of the ankle and ankle circles to mobilise the ankle) - if you don't have a band just hold behind the back of the calf or thigh. We want a gentle stretch at the back of the thigh. If it feels really tight soften both knees, we want a lovely stretch rather than shuddering and shaking!

If you'd like more movements tailored to you and your needs why not book a private session with us?

I love working with clients individually to help them achieve their goals quicker.

We also have a great Online Studio with specific workouts for the hips and glutes, personalised workout planners plus so much more. You can find out more here.

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