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1 June already!

Hello everyone and happy June!

My goodness how is it June already?! It's brilliant that we've been blessed with so much sunshine so I hope that you've all been able to enjoy it.

This week in the members area are:

* a 10 minute Standing workout (this is also in the free area if you're not a member yet). I love a standing workout as you can do it anywhere and if you're struggling to fit exercise into your day this is a great place to start.

* the third in our Pre Pilates - Post Natal series

These Pre Pilates sessions are a great intro to Pilates after having your little one and will set you up well for the other Post Natal classes.

* Pregnancy Pilates

Another great class to choose from to keep you strong and mobile during your Pregnancy.

*Daily Workout

New to the Improvers area a great all round 30 minute class that will strengthen and stretch you from top to toe.A fantastic one to do daily or a few times a week.

I've been asked for some leg strengthening workouts so I'll have these for you next week - both standing and mat based so great if you're a skier, surfer or wind surfer!

As always if there's anything specific you'd like - short glute strengthening workouts, abdominals, longer full length classes... just shout and I'll do my best to make it happen!

Have a lovely lovely week and I'll be back in your inbox next week!

Michelle x

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