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Exercise of the Month - Shoulder Bridge.

If you only manage to do one move today make it this one. A great hip and chest opener, glute, abdominal and hamstring strengthener and increaser of spine flexibility this move has it all!

Start - Lying on your back, knees bent, hip distance apart and parallel. Arms down by your sides, chest open and back of the upper arms melting into the floor. Spine is long and pelvis in neutral.

Inhale - Prepare

Exhale - Draw the pelvic floor and abdominals in and up and tilt the pelvis melting the lower spine into the floor. Slowly peel the spine away from the floor bone by bone leading with the pubic bone until your hips, shoulders and knees are in a diagonal line.

Inhale - Hold

Exhale - Soften the ribs, open the chest and lift a little higher from the back of the hips.

Inhale - Hold

Exhale - Roll the spine down bone by bone, lengthening the tailbone towards the back of the knees as you do so and keeping the ribs soft.

Come back to neutral and off you go again!

Reps - 5-10 (quality is much better than quantity so see how you feel today).

Easier - stick with the pelvic tilts or roll just a small amount of the spine away from the floor.

Harder - add a heel lift, small foot float or a leg lift (keep the pelvis level and use the opposite glute to help you stabilise).

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