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How can In Balance Pilates help you?

We teach Pilates to tired busy mums who are fed up of feeling overwhelmed and are ready to make a change and put themselves first.

Who want to feel stronger, powerful, calmer and clearer and know that to keep showing up for everyone else in their life they need to take care of themselves first rather than always being an afterthought.

We're here to help you make movement a part of your daily life and be something that makes you feel amazing, rather than something you dread.

So you feel:

  • Strong - so you can pick up your children or grandchildren without pain, to be able to run around and play games with them without saying that your back's hurting, to lift the dog in and out of the car without weeing yourself or having to ask someone else to do it.

  • Confident - in yourself, so you feel good in the clothes that you wear and how you carry yourself because you feel better from the inside out.

  • Powerful - so you feel independent and that you really own what you're doing in your own life.

  • Calm - so you're able to feel calm and relaxed when life throws stuff at you and you're trying to juggle answering the kids questions about the solar system on the car journey to school, whilst wondering what to have for dinner and whether you have time to walk the dogs.

These are all the things we bring you at In Balance Pilates through our small group, individually tailored, fun Pilates sessions.

It's not just Pilates, its helping you live your happiest healthiest life.

If you're ready for this and so much more we'd love to see you in a session.

Bespoke small group classes, private sessions or our Online Studio we have something to suit you and where you're at.

Find your perfect fit at

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