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5 Top tips on how you CAN get your workout in at home

When life is busy and you're juggling kids, work and home life trying to fit a workout in can seem like a Herculean task.

Your attention is pulled in so many different directions that you may be thinking there's no way I can fit a workout in! As soon as I lie down to workout a small person or pet will be jumping on me, there'll be endless demands for snacks or I'll suddenly notice that I haven't vacuumed under the sofa in forever!

Or maybe you're thinking I don't have enough room in my house to lie down on a mat and move without bumping into furniture.

We hear you and you're not alone!

But what if we could show you a few ways to get your movement in at home so you hold onto that fantastic post class feeling for longer, or if you're not able to get to class at the moment wouldn't it be great to feel stronger, calmer, relaxed and body confident without leaving the house and finding childcare?

Read on to find out how you CAN get your workout in at home.

  1. Be Time Savvy

Not every workout has to be an hour long! Please don't put pressure on yourself and believe that each workout has to be 60 minutes. How much can you realistically fit in? 10 minutes? 20 minutes? Be kind to yourself and accept what is possible right now, something is always better than nothing.

2. Celebrate what you did do

Rolled out your mat and then got interrupted? Maybe you felt exhausted and just lay down on your mat for a few moments or did a few Shoulder Bridges. Celebrate what you did do rather than focussing on what you didn't do, the better you feel the more you're going to want to do.

3. Set up a station

Grab a big basket or bag, find a cupboard or underneath the sofa and put all the things that you need for your workout together. That way when you have a few moments to workout you can just grab and go.

4. Schedule it in

Find a time of day that suits you and write it in your diary, pop it in your calendar or set a reminder on your phone. Once its scheduled it makes it easier to stick to as you've carved out time for it. I aim to get my workout in 7-7.30am as I know I have to be downstairs by 7.30 to get the boys ready for school, but when my boys were small, it was much easier to do a few minutes once they were both in bed! Go with what works for your current stage of life.

5. Stand up

If you don't have much room for a mat at home try a standing workout instead, there's a great range on our Online Membership Standing workouts are great for building bone density, strength, mobility and flexibility when space is at a premium and can be done with little or no equipment.

To make working out at home a breeze, check out our Online Membership which is full of 100s of fantastic workouts ranging from 5-60 minutes at the click of a button.

Search by how much time you have available, what type of class you feel like that day or just press play on our new classes that are released fortnightly. Find out more about our Online Membership here and how it can help you keep feeling good week in week out.

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