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Best chance of reading a book pre lockdown with small children - on a train by yourself!

Is it bad that June last year I was as excited about a girlie trip to Bath as I was about a 4 hour train journey BY MYSELF? There and back?!

Anyway I digress...

This book has been an absolute game changer for me in the way I start my day, my productivity and my general approach to life. Hal Elrod is a massively inspirational guy who built an extremely successful career in sales, lost it all in a financial crash, survived a horrific car crash as well as cancer and is now a world leading motivational speaker and figure. He has a great podcast (Achieve your Goals) - I love a podcast! But I first came across him in this book 'The Miracle Morning'.

Elrod takes a lot of the ideas that are commonly used to start your morning and puts them together into what he calls his Life SAVERS. These stand for: Silence, Affirmations, Visualisations, Exercise, Reading and Scribing. He goes on to explain how he starts his day using these 6 and how it really sets the tone for his day. He sets this out as an hour in the morning with 10 minutes per SAVER, BUT, he encourages you to make this suit your lifestyle and even offers a quick 10 minute solution. After all, if things don't suit our lifestyle or if we don't enjoy them we're never going to stick to them. Definitely worth a read.

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