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Fancy Footwork

I was talking to a lovely client today who really struggles with her feet and who really feels how much of a knock on effect this has throughout her whole body.

The feet are the foundation of our body and its almost like building a house, if our foundations are strong then the house is strong, if not the house is weak and can fall down.

Your body is not going to fall down though so don't worry! But there may be other issues in the body around the knees or hips that may possibly be linked back to the feet.

By strengthening our feet and keeping them mobile and flexible we enable our feet to roll effectively as we walk which will then track up the body and allow the hip flexors, hamstrings and glutes to work effectively and in the right way.

Once one thing falls off it has a knock on effect throughout the body.

We start each session with footwork, opening out the muscles in the feet, seeing where the weight naturally goes in the feet and where we want this to be before adding mobilising, strengthening work and balance.

By keeping the feet strong and mobile you'll also find that you get less cramps in the feet.

Find specific footwork tutorials and classes on our online membership site or join one of our in person classes for footwork fun!

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