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How Relaxation can enhance your workout

Relaxation - easier said than done right?! And isn't this a strange way to start working out?!

By taking time to relax the body (and the mind) before we start moving we give ourselves time to release unwanted tension and stress from the day that could otherwise carry over and affect our workout.

It allows you to release muscles that may be feeling tight and overworked in the body such as the neck, tops of the shoulders or hips and allows you to check in with the body (and the mind) and see how you're feeling on that day.

You may find that you're feeling a bit fatigued after a busy day and actually you need a gentler, slower workout, or, you may discover that you have more energy than you thought and feel up for something more challenging.

This is why we start each class with checking in with ourselves, both body and mind and seeing what we find.

By taking just a few moments to pause, breathe, and connect inwards before you move you allow yourself to release tension and set yourself up for movement success during your Pilates practice, other exercise and daily life.

Take away - Take a few moments before your next class/run/start your day to allow your body to relax, breath into it and notice if there are any areas of tension. Can you let this melt away? How do you feel now?

For more movement tips and videos check out our website where you can find a great range of videos plus details of our Online Membership and ways you can move with us.

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