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Just one thing

When you're busy, overwhelmed and running around trying to do all the things, fitting in movement can feel like one more thing to try and fit in.

It can become a chore, something that you dread, or something that you think you'll fit in when life becomes a little easier.

Unfortunately you'll be waiting a long time!

I always used to think that I would do this when the boys get bigger and I have more time, or I'll be able to do this when they're in full time school and they don't need me so much.

But other things come in to take the time, life is still busy and there are other demands on my attention and time.

So rather than trying to do all the things and trying to fit in an hour workout (because who has the time for that?!) I want you to think about just doing one thing.

Yep, just one.

That could be lying on your mat and doing one breath cycle.

Doing one squat - maybe whilst cooking tea.

One heel raise whilst cleaning your teeth.

One shoulder bridge.

See where I'm going?

Because however busy you are you can fit in one thing.

And when you do that one thing you'll feel proud of yourself, calmer, stronger, more energised.

And you may want to do one more.

And maybe another one.

This is how the habit starts.

One small thing leads to another and these small actions lead to big changes.

You'll start to feel taller, more energised, less achy, stronger and more confident in yourself.

Who wouldn't want some of that?

What will your one thing be, we'd love to know!

If you'd like more short workouts that you can fit in anytime, anywhere check out our fab Online Studio with 100's of workouts from only 5 minutes.

See you on the mat!

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