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New Year, New You?

January can be full of messages about a New Year, New You, starting new habits and resolutions and we can often feel that we've gone from the busyness of Christmas to the busyness of getting back to routine PLUS trying to be healthier, exercise more and everything else on top.

We can feel like we've got a lot to juggle and can sometimes get frustrated when things don't work out as we'd planned and illness, injury or life get in the way.

But rather than seeing these bumps along the road as a setback or an obstacle, try to see them as an opportunity.

An opportunity to take stock, reset and see if we were heading where we wanted to go or whether we were just doing what we thought we should do?

So this week I want you to take a few moments for you.

To take stock, to reset and ask yourself,

Where do I want to go?

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