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4 great moves to strengthen your glutes

Strengthening your glutes is probably something you hear time and again. But why is this so important?

We spend a lot of time sitting in today's lifestyle - sitting at our desks, commuting, sitting on the sofa and travelling can cause our glutes to switch off and become a little lazy! This means that the other muscles in the body start to overcompensate and do the glutes job for them.

But why is it important to have strong glutes or bottom muscles?

The glutes are the largest muscle in the body and form part of the core muscles along with the pelvic floor, abdominals, back and hip muscles. These all work together to provide stability for the body so you can move from a place of strength and ease, and will help you to walk, run, get out of a chair and off the toilet - not particularly sexy but super important!

The glutes extend the hip joint and are opposing muscles to the hip flexors which you can feel deep in that hip crease at the front of the thigh. The hips can become a little grippy and 'tight' when we spend a lot of time sitting, so we need to strengthen the opposing muscle (the glutes) to help to open the hip.

Try these 4 great exercises to open your hips and strengthen those all important glutes.

1. Prone Leg Lift

Lying on your tummy (more challenging - head float) lengthen and lift one leg keeping the pelvis still, hip bones and pubic bone melting into the floor. Think about reaching out of the hip towards the skirting board.

(Repeat x 10 both sides)

2. Donkey Kicks

Bend one knee, squeeze the glute and press the foot towards the ceiling (for more glute engagement flex the foot)- keep the hip bones and pubic bone on the floor. Your knee may float, it may not but we want to feel the bum working not the back!

(Repeat x 10 both sides)

3. One Leg Squat

In Standing float one leg - keeping the balancing foot square, hips level and bend one knee. Use the heel on the balancing leg to engage the glute and push you back up to standing.

(Repeat x 10 both sides)

4. Bridge

Lying on your back, feet square pelvis in neutral, lift your hips straight up to the sky (keeping the pelvis in neutral) and lower back down.

(Repeat x 10)

Try these 4 exercises 2-3 times a week and you'll notice a difference in how you feel pretty quickly.

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