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Why should I do Post Natal Pilates?

When you haven't slept properly, everything aches and you can't remember your own name sometimes the last thing you feel like doing is being sociable.

But what if you could go somewhere where you can have some time and space for you, where you can feel better mentally, physically and emotionally, where someone else can cuddle your baby for 5 minutes, where you can move your body in a way that feels good AND you get a hot cup of tea at the end that someone else has made?

Then our Mums & Babies class is for you.

Post Natal Pilates is a great way to rebuild your strength, improve your posture, build pelvic floor and abdominal strength, release tension and stress and improve mobility so you feel stronger, calmer, and less achy. Meet other lovely mamas and socialise with your little ones.

Suitable for new mamas after their 6 week check (this may be up to 12 weeks after a C section). We will assess for any abdominal separation after Pregnancy and work on abdominal and pelvic floor strength to help you recover after Pregnancy and labour, and keep you strong and mobile for lifting and carrying your baby. We work on releasing tension in the upper body and teach you techniques to help you lift and move around safely.

Classes are really relaxed and friendly, we have a playmat for the littlies, you're welcome to feed, change, cuddle as and when you need to and to go completely at your own pace.

There's also a post class cuppa and cake so you can chat with other new mums.

These sessions are designed to be a little bit of time and space for you with everything else going on in your life.

If you'd like to join us click here or try our fantastic online Post Natal Pilates sessions in our IBP Online Studio that you can do at a time and place that suits you.

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